Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back Pain and RAIN

Well..the RAIN (Ride Across Indiana)event is less than a month away and I am getting somewhat nervous. Yesterday was the first time I have done any type of activity in almost 3 weeks. I have been dealing with lower back pain since running the Geist half marathon and decided to take a break from everything on May 29th. I am almost certain that I hurt my back the day before running the Geist half playing church softball. But it could have been anything. I ran the half with a friend who runs a slower pace and I was okay with that. Afterwards, I could hardly bend over. I continued to run the days following the half even with the soreness (it didn't hurt to run). But after running and sitting around, I could barely move. I stretched, I heated, I iced. Nothing was working. I decided to run another 13 miles the following weekend to my family's get-together. I felt decent running in 90 degree weather. My back was not so good afterwards and that is when I decided to take my break. This past week, my back was less tight so I decided to bike 12 miles yesterday and run 3 miles today. It felt good to get back to running and biking, but unfortunately my back is somewhat tender. I plan on seeing a chiropractor soon and finding out if I have done something more serious or I just need an adjustment. I have never been to a chiropractor before so I am nervous I will feel worse afterwards. At this point it is still a go for the RAIN ride and I need to cram in some serious bike mileage. I am hoping that all of my running will help on the bike. My wife and son will be gone all week so I should be able to punch out some mileage.

I may also run a 5K this Thursday night at the IU Cross Country course. I have never been on a cross country course. I may not get a PR. I just need to get out and run.

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