Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Ready for Spring

It was a good start to the year as far as fitness goes. I logged 120 miles on the bike(mostly at the gym) and started doing more strength training in January. 120 miles is nothing compared to the 160 plus miles I will be doing in just one day. Once the weather breaks I will definitely be out on my bike. I have been looking on Craigslist for indoor bike trainers because I really need to be training on my bike. If I do not find one, I'll just have to wait. Plus I am more anxious to run. I am going to start running next week then start my half marathon training on 2/14. I am hoping I can do most of my runs outdoors. I am not much of a treadmill runner. This week, I did decide to go with Hal Higdon's intermediate training program for the Mini. I was going to do the novice plan, but I really want to beat my 2:06 time from my first ever half I ran last year. It is a strict plan, but I plan to stick to it because I know I can beat it. I also decided to go with Hal's intermediate training plan for the full marathon in November. I just want to finish and do well. Mainly to finish! The plan includes two 20 mile long runs and that is what I was looking for. Here are my two training plans for this year.

Besides the half and full marathons on my agenda, I have also laid out the races I plan to run this whole year. Most of them are 5Ks, but there is a chance I may fit in 2 more halfs by the end of the year. After the marathon in November, I may do the Tecumseh Trail Marathon in December. As far as preparation for the RAIN ride, I plan to do most of the training May-July. It is going to be a crazy year, but it is something I am looking forward to. I have been reading Dean Karnazes 50/50 book so I am staying quite motivated. Motivation is a good thing to have with the crazy weather so far this year. Even though it is cold outside, I may be doing the Polar Bear 5 mile run downtown in two weeks. I want to see if I have lost any running ability. As I mentioned, I will be easing into running next week.

My goals this week were to do more strength training and ride the bike 50 miles. I did not go to work(which is located near the gym) on Tuesday and Wednesday so that did not help. I completed the 50 miles and definitely had a good leg workout this week.