Friday, March 25, 2011

New PR at the Courage and Valor 5K

I was going to post on the 7K event I ran this past Sunday, but I am excited that I have a new PR for the 5K and wanted to share. I ran in the Courage and Valor 5K yesterday at the White River State Park. It was a rather cold day and I debated on running it. I am glad I decided to go for it because I felt really good and knew I was going to do well. I've been battling shin splints and tight calves since February. Good legs have felt great the last 2 weeks! I've been doing more stretching, shin/calf exercises I found here, incorporating walk breaks during runs, eliminating speed workouts, icing, compression sleeves, and rest. My legs have felt so good, I've also been doing hill training. With my legs feeling better, I am definitely more motivated. 2 weeks ago I was stressed and wanted to sell my Mini Marathon entry. Now I am determined to run the Mini and do well. Back to the 5K. I felt good going into the race. It was cold out, but the atmosphere made up for it. There were firefighters from all over the US (since the Firefighter convention is going on downtown Indy this week)and the music was blasting. The race started in the park behind the visitor center. We crossed the river bridge going west then back over the bridge towards the canal. I passed the 1st mile at 7:10. After 2 miles I kind of lost it and slowed a bit. Honestly, I was ready for the 3 mile marker. After 3 miles we were out of the canal area and I saw the finish line. From there, I bolted because I always like to end strong. I stopped my watch at 23:13! Results showed me finishing at 23:14, but I'll take it. I actually think I could have broken 23 minutes. Maybe next time. Either way, I was happy with the run and my legs felt awesome. I think my next race will be on April 16th when I plan to do a 5K and 10K the same day. Maybe I will get that 5K PR.

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